Saturday, February 21, 2015

Memory Lane

There seems to be a time in everyone's life when all the pieces fall into place. Today I was reminded of that time. I had brunch with a group of incredible women with whom I worked at The High Desert Museum. There was a special magic at the Museum then - we were all there because we believed in the mission. The Museum was growing to become a showcase of the Great Basin culture and natural history. It truly was an honor to be part of that team.

Our lives were mostly in a good place then. My children were young (The Nurse was born while I worked there) and life was hectic, fun, full of new things. My co-workers were an incredible group - professional, dedicated, fun - a very supportive family of friends. I miss them and that time in my life. The Founder of the Museum recently passed away and we will all gather soon to remember his legacy. I will again see lots of old friends and remember with great fondness a wonderful time.

Today we celebrated a wedding and a birthday! We always found excuses to celebrate, today was special. One is enjoying another trip around the sun and another is embarking on a totally new life - good for her! The brunch was hosted by a woman who I will never be able to explain what a wonderful influence she had on my life - and she brought me back to knitting almost 30 years ago!! Her humor, grace, compassion, honesty and love for us all was an honor to be part of.

I had a great time today!

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