Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Corp of Discovery Fatigue Hat

Here it is - finished! I actually ran out of yarn before I was able to really finish it according to the pattern - but it works anyway. I think the Ex will like it - he should have been born 200 years ago - he would have loved the Lewis and Clark adventure!!
I did let the Yarn Shop know that there wasn't enough yarn and they forwarded the info on to The Imperial Stock Ranch who provided the kit - and they e-mailed me with an offer of a free kit - but told them it wasn't necessary because I made it work. I just wanted them to know that I was short!

I had one of the worst days at work - just everything was stressful - too much to do, too little pay and no thanks for all the hard work - I hate it when that happens. But came home to two lovely ladies having fun together! Dinner cooking and all! Now they're both out and about for the evening so it's quiet and can get something done! Right! Since I ripped out the pink socks I've got a lot of catching up to do - they were too big I decided!! Knit on!!

Happy evening to all!

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e said...

That's an interesting looking hat.