Saturday, April 01, 2006

Knitting Everywhere

I got up this morning - ready for a few moments of coffee, the news and knitting. Instead I found knitting everywhere!!
This little cherub had decided to have some fun with my basket.

Now it is all cleaned up and pretty for your viewing pleasure. This basket sits under the table next to my chair and currently contains four stash busting projects. Navy & Copper Nordic Mittens, Iris Fingerless mittens, Red, black etc Entrelac scarf, and Trekking socks. This picture actually shows the colors pretty well....
I am having fun with all of these - have never done Entrelac before - I like it. Maybe someday that beautiful scarf in Scarf Style?

On the organization front - You've got to read Rhonda's notes - she is totally into getting organized - of course it looks to me like she has a lot to organize. Good Job!!!

Now Julia on the other hand - had to bring things home - so she has another challenge - where do I put all this stuff!!! She keeps an Excel spreadsheet about yarn purchases - way too organized for me! I just don't have the time!

It looks to me like we all equip our knitting chairs with all the necessary tools - including wine and chocolate!! Our storage methods are varied - plastic boxes, baskets, drawers, shelves etc. Everyone seems to have a notebook or notebooks with info we collect. Rhonda (see above) keeps her book info in - great idea. Maybe we could use it to keep track of yarn purchases?

Julia makes book marks from yarn ball bands - I put them into my journal of knitting.

We all seem to be able to find the things we need - but Jenn has lost her sanity....
"Patterns are in a binder and are sorted by type - baby knits, sweaters, socks, scarves/shawls, and misc.
Mags and books are on top of two bookcases in the living room - divided into patterns and reference. I can't find my sanity yet.
I have a few ziploc bags full of left overs - I have a secret plan for them though." Yea right!!

Overall I'd say we are an organized group! Busy lives and lots of knitting!!

Speaking of - my life is going to be really busy with this new job - I'll have almost a 45 min communte each way - I know it isn't that far - but compared to 2 minutes it's far! Camp Sherman is on the Metolius River - one of the most beautiful spots in the State of Oregon - how did I get so lucky. I'll drive through the little town of Sisters every day - no LYS - can you believe it! But home of a huge quilt show.
The two guys that I'm going to work for are old friends - it will be fun, challenging and interesting - I am so honored to be a part of thier team. They are business consultants - with a growing local market and some international clients - so it will be interesting for sure. I've got a lot to learn but am up for the challenge. The best part is now I can get my sweater yarn!!! Not quite yet - but sooner than I had anticipated!!

This is a gardening weekend - have to get the free pickup stuff out to the street - rain or shine!!
Have a great weekend!! I'm going to!!

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Rhonda said...

Love your WIP basket. Looks like you rescued it just in time. I keep my WIPs in a basket also... but it would look crazy next to yours. Happy knitting!