Friday, April 07, 2006

Mittens and New Job!

Caryn's Mittens as promised - I know she'll like them!!

OK – new job starts week after this – yippee! I’m going to be the Assistant to two guys who have been in business separately for years – both very successful. They are business consultants – you know budgeting, staff management, business plans, acquisitions, mergers, marketing, capital… guy has been in the local market and the other has big international clients so has been overseas a lot the last few years. They are joining forces and hope to concentrate more on our local area – but also more regionally. They are great friends, have wonderful families (mostly grown up), they are a lot of fun and very professional. I’ve worked for them together (one recommended the other to consult at a previous job I held) and I’ve worked for one separately on a part-time project. So I know them both relatively well and am very comfortable with them – although this may be a little intimidating at first until I get settled in. Central Oregon is pretty casual business wise and I’ll be calling clients by Mrs….or Mr….. – this will be a change for me, but one which I grew up with. I still call my parents friends Mr. and Mrs. – and get scolded for it every time!

The one downside of this job is the drive – 45 minutes one way. A long way for me – but through the best part of Central Oregon. I won’t be able to run out and pickup Marianne from school and stuff like that – but we are car shopping now. How did I luck out – I now will be working two jobs located in the most beautiful places in Oregon – Camp Sherman on the Metolius and Smith Rocks on the Crooked River – it makes me dizzy!

The other downside is health insurance – I’ve got to pick it up myself (I’m the only employee) – which I have to investigate next week. I’m really healthy (I’m going for a mammogram Monday) – but as I get older Health Insurance becomes more important. I bet I haven’t been to the Doctor twice in the last five years! I could do the COBRA deal with my current insurance – but it’s too expensive – would eat up a big portion of the extra I’m going to be earning – so am shopping for high deductible, low premium!

All in all it is a wonderful opportunity. Two great bosses who I really enjoy, interesting and challenging work for which I will be compensated for by those who will appreciate my efforts. Lots of humor. The opportunity to earn more for clients I personally do work for….. And I still will have my other job that I love! OMG!!!

The other downside is less knitting time because I’ll be driving…so I’ve got to get an Ipod or check out books on tape at the library!

I actually have to keep pinching myself – I’ve waited a long time for the perfect job and this is probably it and my last chance!!

The rain is back so no gardening this weekend - quality knitting time instead. Maybe I can decide on which sweater - yea right!!

Happy weekend to all!


Rhonda said...

It's great to be excited about your job(s). Good luck with the new venture! Knit on your lunch hour!!

Pat K said...

Also from me, good luck for the new job. Hey, if you have to drive, at least you have great scenery!