Saturday, April 22, 2006

Not much knitting

I have been not been knitting much - but today while waiting with Molly in the doctor's office I did get some done on my latest socks - don't love waiting at the doctors! Molly has a slipped disk and of course this morning while everyone was rushing to get ready for work - out it went - try helping your 21 year old off the tiny bathroom floor while she is trying to hold still in extreme pain - now on all those fun sleepy meds. So instead of work I did the grocery shopping and mowed the lawn. Tomorrow is burn day so still have to do the trimming.
New job is great - the atmosphere is wonderful and the work will be challenging - if not intense at times. Have spent most of the time reinstalling all the software - hard drive crashed just before I started. It looks like Quickbooks missed a back-up so will have to recreate a day or two - but not much. Boss is gone all next week so will have time to explore stuff and figure out where I can have the most impact. I am a happy camper!
These are typical views......sorry the picture of the mountains isn't is Mount Washington - it has another name but isn't proper for blogging!!

This big buddy and his mate and thier relatives are always near by. I haven't seen the Osprey yet - but I know they frequent the neighborhood - especially because there is a big fish hatchery just down the river. Bald Eagles hang out there too. This is opening weekend of fishing season and it is sort of bitter sweet for me - The Metolius River is a world known fly fishing river and my dad would always be here for opening day - with three of his best buddies - two are gone now and Dad is still in California -waiting for the good weather to come home for the summer.
Here I am spending every day on the Metolius. When we were kids we'd spend part of every summer here and always the long New Years weekend in the snow. My parents brought us over here to get away from the big partying in Portland - little did they know the trouble we got into in Camp Sherman! Stealing half empty drinks from our parents to make a concoction that we took up to the mountain the next day when we went skiing....OMG - how we survived I wonder. The risks we took!! But wonderful memories!

Am off to get Videos for evening knitting time!!
TTFN and Knit On!!


Joan said...

What beautiful scenery. I remember it from visits to my son in OR.

Pat K said...

Wow, it looks so good.