Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring is finally here - in full force

Apple Blossoms - it is really too windy for pictures - but Spring is finally here!!
Not much knitting today - the garden is calling. Burning, triming, sweeping, weeding, mowing. Hurray I got a bunch done and lots more to go - but a big blister is in the way!

My Knit Picks yarn came yesterday - Chocolate!! I swatched for my Celtic sweater - 4 times so far...the XL is too big and the L isn't big enough - so trying to get the needle size to give me the correct gauge to fit. The recommended needle is an 8 and I think the result is too loose - I'm thinking that a 6 needle will work fine - but MUST make sure with more swatching. Boring!

I am liking my new job - have been working on Excel programming - lots of fun of course - it's been awhile since I've done this so am a little slow still - but have almost got it!! The setting is just so spectacular that the day goes by pretty fast. Although the drive is long - it's me time - and am enjoying that! My other part-time job pays for the gas to the full time job and gives me a little latte change - so all is well!!

I got my Sockapaloooza socks sent on Friday! They have a long ways to go! It was fun putting lots of Oregon Goodies in the box - lots of great postcards too.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!


Julia said...

Hi Julie - glad you had a good week! What gorgeous blossoms. Which Celtic sweater are you making? Congrats on getting the socks sent - that always feels good.

Rhonda said...

Apple blossoms are as beautiful as the cherry blossoms ... flower power! Have another good week.