Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer in Central Oregon

This is what is going on here at home - the Air Tankers take off here in Redmond and make a quick run to Sisters - working on the 9,000 acre Black Crater fire. 1500 people have been evacuated and they say there is a 50% chance the little town of Sisters will be evacuated tonight - but the good news is the humidty is up and the temps down - it's downright cool this afternoon! The smoke is drifting and we are socked in here in Redmond.

This is life in Central Oregon during the summer and we have only started! It will be interesting going to work in the morning as I travel right through Sisters. The air tanker picture is courtesy of the Nugget News
and I took the other on Wednesday before they evacuated the first neighborhood. When I came through on Wednesday all the fire engines from surrounding communities where lined up to provide support for structures fires (which there haven't been any yet thank heavens) - wish I'd gotten a picture of that - looked pretty impressive!

Haven't been knitting much - but worked in the garden today - the weather was cooperating so thought I should get to it.

Yesterday did the garage sale trip looking for apartment furnishings for Molly. I scored at the Goodwill - got a wonderful table for $8!!!! Its perfect and in great shape. I spent a total of $20 and got silverware for 4 with a little chrome holder, 4 glasses, a great soup mug, two soup mugs that match my dishes and two other small glasses and the table. Still have a lot more to come up - particularly chairs - both dinning and living room, but think that will have to be when we are in Eugene - don't want to have to haul everything over there. Molly and I are going over on Thursday to take a load and sign the rental agreements on her apartment - orange shag carpet and pink refrigerator and all!! Remember those days!!
Hope everyone has a great week!


Roxie said...

Drive careful going through Sisters. Those smokies are pretty tired right now and may not be thinking too clearly. Thank goodness they have a Blue Team on site at last. And HOORAY for the cooler weather!!

Good gardening, and happy knitting!

Rhonda said...

The extreme heat is headed for us tonight thru Wednesday in New England ... maybe over 100 degrees. Hope the cooler weather out there will help put out the fires there ... but are any rains expected? Hope so!

Pat K said...

The air tanker and smoke pictures are so familiar! We are lucky so far this year and haven't had any major fires near us so far. We've been getting some decent rain the last couple weeks and that is really helping. Stay safe up there!