Thursday, July 13, 2006

Trek to Book Club

Yes, we do have a life on occasion and Book Club is about it these days...but we did make it out. Of course didn't read the just wasn't working as an audio book for my Ipod test. But we picked a fun summer easy chick book this time - In Her Shoes - luckily I haven't seen the movie so will look forward to the book.
As said in my last post - knitting is lacking these days - just too lazy. But the sock is progressing slowly and I actually have been working on the Celtic sweater - one of these days I will finish. (I get really depressed reading everyone elses accomplishments - you have way more time than I do!)
My girls and I are really ships passing in the night - but this weekend I get one day with each - they'll probably be sleeping most of the time!! My Goal is comfortable shoes that aren't hot and don't make my feet hurt at the end of the day - yea right. Old age is the pits!! Oh yes the closet - in the middle of night I hear this big bang - I yell out to the girls "are you all right?" No answer so thought I must have been dreaming. I wake up to see MY closet rod had fallen down! Does Fred Meyer have the part to fix it after work? No - so the pile remains until I can get to a hardware store. I don't have that much stuff hanging - I only Iron to wear - never ahead anyway!
Oh yes - the Lavendar - I bought four new Lavendar plants last weekend. My sister the gardener was here and we completely rearranged my garden - on paper anyway - guess who gets to to all the digging up and replanting...but it will be worth it. I may get started if it's not too hot.
Getting late - news is on - later and best to all

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Rhonda said...

Ah yes, our other lives ... lol, I know what you mean. Especially about how it sucks to grow old. My body is testimony to that. Good luck with the garden ... it's going to be beautiful!