Monday, July 17, 2006

They've got Socks

I wasn't allowed to take the socks with me (Oh mom!) to The Central Oregon Draft Horse Show - but found some there anyway.

It was hot and sunny and the horses were so impressive - not to mention the drivers!!

Knitting is progressing very slowly - but am turning the heel on my Trekking socks. It's just too hot in the evenings. It's not even cooling down at night which is making sleep difficult. I have A/C but can't stand to have it running at night!
My garden is almost bloomed out - I hate that - a big splash and then it's just green. Central Oregon for you!!
M2 daughter has decided at the last minute to go back to UofO in the fall - so she's busy looking for a place to live, getting transfered to the Eugene REI, figuring out all the details. I'm proud of her but will miss having her around. They gotta grow up sometime I guess!
M3 daughter has new second job - working 48 hours this week!!! Busy girl.
Busy Family - having fun most of the time!!
Good Summer to all! Enjoy the heat - it's coming!!
Edited to add: I've got tons of raspberries coming on - they are sooooo good!!!


Julia said...

What glorious horses! I love those big beauties. I'm jealous of your raspberries! Sometimes I can get a little more bloom (or a second bloom) out of my flowers by giving them some plant food - there are some with kelp that are organic.

Pat K said...

How I would have loved to see the horses. We've tried growing berries but it's just too hot, I think. Long term all summer long hot, I should say.

Roxie said...

But don't you just love the cool, cool mornings?

And by the way, since when is, "Oh Mom!" a good reason to leave the socks home? The kid wants you to stifle a part of you that brings such happiness and satisfaction into your life? Surely, if she thought about it, she would say, "Don't forget the sock, Mom."

Rhonda said...

Not ALLOWED to bring the socks? Well it's certainly a good thing you had a great time anyway, LOL. Life is good ... and that's what counts the most.

The heat was horrible here for a few days, especially yesterday... but a cool front just came in. Just in time.
Stay cool & enjoy those raspberries!