Saturday, May 26, 2007

Knitting - what's that?

Happy 18th Birthday!

First the Birthday girl - she's in the middle! What a kid - she won three more big scholarships at the High School Award assembly this last week. She's going to the college of her choice - Go Wildcats! I couldn't be prouder! The graduation frenzy has begun.
Garden up-date - this is the before.
You will have to wait a few months for the after....but the veggies are all in the ground! My back hurts! But this is the advantage of only working part-time these days (the only advantage). My yard is looking good! The kids gave me two beautiful hanging baskets for Mother's Day and this is one...
I love my Irises - next year I need to move them to a more productive spot. I've even got some scented ones!
Knitting - oh yea - I remember! I still do that, I'm actually making some progress on the Celtic Cardigan - only about 30 rows left on the last front - then the sleeves (easy), then the button bands (hard) then put it all together. I'm afraid it's going to turn out bigger than I thought and I did check gauge many times before I started. Hopefully I can block a little of it out!
On the work front - the Camp Sherman job is gearing way down - doublt I'll work out there at all next week - bummer. But the new job is gearing up - but not fast enough to make much of a difference - It looks like I'll have tons of leisure time for a few weeks. Luckily I refinanced my house awhile back (to help Molly pay off some of her student loans) so I have a little reserve. Unfortunately I have a 'got it? -spent it!' habit.
I've got to get started on my Sockapalooza project - I think I'm going to do the Diagonal Rib Socks from Knitting Daily. I have some stash that would work well. Or I might do the same "Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Socks" that I did last year. That would be appropriate it. My sister is trying to decide how to treat her breast cancer - as it turns out not only did my mom have it - but her mom too. Now we're trying to decide if we should get the genetic tests - My sister is going to have a total masectomy anyway - seems safer in the long term - but we both have daughters, so the test might be a good idea. She is trying to convince her Insurance Company to pay for it - the first family member is the most costly, then the rest of us could do it - or at least I could. I think the girls should wait, in the years to come the cost will come down and they might know more too. I'm also not sure I want to burden them with the knowledge that they carry the gene. It's a dilemna.
Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend - it's going to be very warm here so we will enjoy it although we have NOTHING planned - kinda nice - but boring!
Knit Peace

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Roxie said...

Yayyy Julie! What a marvelous picture of the kids! No question who their mom is. I see your zing and twinkle in the eye of each of them.

Enjoy the green time. All too soon you will be up to your a** in aligators at work and you will have trouble remembering that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.