Sunday, June 03, 2007

What a great family!

The Graduate and her mom! This is my sister and my accomplished niece. What a lucky aunt I am! We all had a great weekend with the cousins, very hectic and short - but lots of fun. Now home safe and sound and starting to panic about getting ready for our graduation on Thursday night. Of course we will all be together again. I feel so fortunate that we are all great friends - here are all the kids......

My own cousins were also celebrating with us at the party afterwards - one cousins daughter also graduated with my niece so it was really a family event. I also really enjoy my cousins and every time I am with them I wish we lived closer! My children feel the same way about thier cousins too.

Although I didn't knit a stitch - I had to wait to pick up M1 son from work on Friday and funny thing - there is a little yarn store next door to his office. I found some great sock yarn for my Sockapolooza pal - just the colorway she suggested - not that I probably couldn't find any in my stash - but it's always good to plan ahead!

I plan on doing some major stash enhancement when I go to the Black Sheep Gathering later this month.....I'm going to be looking after my sister following her surgery - she's having a total masectomy and then can bop down to Eugene and feel the fibre and spend the night with M2 daughter.

I've got a lot to do this week to get ready for graduation and company - so you probably won't hear from me for awhile - I do hope to get some knitting in - I'm afraid I will really need yarn therapy!!

Dream Knit Peace


Roxie said...

All those red heads they look like a tribe of thremometers!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I can tell everyone in the picture is related, tehe. Nice pictures. So nice to be so close to family!

Take care on your time off, and happy knitting. Jump into the fiber.