Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Told you so...

Sockapalooza - I'm working on them. Plain Jane to show the color - but with a cable rib cuff. Not very exciting or challenging - actually the challenge was to find a pattern that didn't muddle the colorway - it's just too busy! But this works and it's easy conversation knitting.

I am so excited about my Clematis - I've always wanted one and finally broke down this spring - look at those blossoms and this is only the first year. I may have to seek out some more. Now to figure out where to prune to continue blooms all summer.

Lots of watering and weed pulling to do today before heading to the big city tomorrow....maybe I'll get a little shopping in while I'm there - for sure at Black Sheep - oh I can't wait!

Roxie - I'm going to call you if I have a chance to escape from nursing duties! If not this time - in a few weeks when I come back to take Marianne to see Body World at OMSI.

Later all!


Pat K said...

The stockinette really does show the yarn off very well. I do like those greens.

Roxie said...

Good choice for the sock. I'm a solid fan of busy colors in plain stockinette, plain colors in busy patterns.

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