Saturday, June 16, 2007

Once again - I do knit

See I told you so - just not much these days. I want to carry my camera in my purse and a regular case is just too bulky - so I knit this up - works just great! Now on to my Sockapalooza socks!

It has been a busy week. Actually not that busy as I only worked in Camp Sherman one day and maybe a total of 10 hours on the other job. But there was a lot going on here at the girls house. The Backpackers came back - they had a blast in the Trinity Alps, sore and blistered - but tons of fun. Molly decided that it was time to come back to Central Oregon (we have way more backpacking opportunities than the Eugene area - the Three Sisters Wilderness is within a half hour drive!). So she will be packing her stuff up over the next few weeks and moving back home. Her goal is to have her own place by September. She's already arranged to transfer back to the Bend REI - so all is in motion.

I was planning to change bedrooms this summer anyway - move to the bigger bedroom at the front of the house - thought being there would be more comfortable than sleeping way in the back of the house after Marianne is off to college - so to make more room for Molly's stuff - I moved my stuff on Thursday. I love the room, (It's the one I just painted a great terra cotta color) but am a little disoriented waking up in the middle of the night. Privacy is an issue too I discovered - the family bath is in the back of the house! I knew there was something I wasn't considering - oh well we'll see how it goes. Once nice thing is all my knitting stash and stuff is neatly stored in this room - I can sit in bed, read knitting catalogs and stare at baskets of yarn and shelves of books!

My sisters surgery was yesterday - and I mean yesterday - all day - she was under all day and half the night!!! She went in at 6:00 AM Friday and got to her room at 2:00 AM Saturday!! I talked to her for a few minutes this morning - all seems well. I'm going up on Tue or Wed to look after her for a few days. I also get to have lunch with my mother's best friends - Auntie Mina and Aunt Maggie - absolute dears - second mothers to me. Am looking forward to seeing them. Hopefully I'll still have time to get to Blacksheep. I feel bad about leaving Marianee home alone that long - luckily the boyfriend is out of town with his family so don't have to worry about that! ( I wouldn't anyway - but you know!) It will be a busy week...but I must get serious about my socks. I've started them 5 times and not been satisfied. The color is a beautiful green - but I'm beginning to think a plain jane stockinette is going to be best - doesn't seem very special! Once again I'll try it and see. Should have lots of sitting around knitting and visiting time at my sisters, so hopefull there will be progress!!

Hope all is well!


Pat K said...

Wonderful to hear good news concerning your sister. Hope she gets well soon.

Quail Hill Knits said...

What a great idea for a camera case. It is really eye catching.

Roxie said...

All best wishes for your sis. And blessings on the daughter moving home. You don't have to worry about an empty nest yet.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Good to hear your sister is doing well. I love that camera case. Nice looking too ... both colors & pattern! Sometimes you just need to do simple easy socks ... especially when you'll be distracted with chatting while you visit. ;-)