Sunday, July 15, 2007

The View from the Patio

The new bird bath - how long before they see it? I suppose it doesn't help that someone is occassionally lurking near by!

The best part - picked while listening to the Quail family - (Dan and Marilyn as they're known in the neighborhood). Now ready for a little vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. This is heaven.
Yea it's cooler tonight and guess what - my bike actually still works. A half hour ride this evening - more tomorrow!!


Roxie said...

Oooo, ahhh! Lovely yard. Gorgeous bird bath. Busted cat!

Rhonda said...

Your backyard is beautiful! And what a stylish bird bath. Once I put a flat rock and an ornament in mine, lots of birds visit. Little ones can stand of the rock while they get a drink and hide behind the ornament [which is a frog] if they need too. Gets lots of visitors now. Ah raspberries, chocolate and ice cream ... I'd be in heaven also, yum.

Pat K said...

Your petunias are beautiful. And I see that your weather is basically now the same temps as us. Vanilla ice cream, raspberries, and hot chocolate sauce is heaven!

Gramma Phyllis said...

Oh those berries bring back memories. My grandparent's home was an hour north of Portland and they had a barn like garage with raspberries covering the whole back gable wall. We let the Stellar Jays have the top section (it was 2 stories) and we gorged off the bottom. Berries breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any time we walked past. Oh I miss that house.