Friday, July 27, 2007

I HAVE been busy - not really productive but have been enjoying life. Molly and I decided to read all the Harry Potter books - neither of us had before and now we are into a marathon. I've finished the first three and am now into Goblet of I get it - they really are a delight to read. Sunday we're going to have a movie marathon and get caught up!

I also have been knitting occassionally - Notice the color on this side...

And now the color on this side....

Please ignore the Sock holder - it's only a prop - it's too hot out for wine - now Mojotos are a different matter! Back to the sock - I'm doubting I'll have enough yarn to do this - so am going to contact the manufacturer and see if I can get another skein - but as it's hand dyed I doubt it. As you remember I've tried many different combos trying to figure out how to use this. I actually even tried to start a toe up - but didn't have the concentration to be successful at something new. Another option would be to do only three repeats around of the pattern - but at 16 stitches that's quite a lot! OMG I'm doomed with this yarn! I could do different cuff and toe maybe - I'm sure I've got something that will match in the stash or left overs. The trials and tribulations we go through.

The next few weeks will be too busy to knit or read much - am working full plus time (Yea - an income!) and getting Marianne ready for school. She got her roommate assignment and so now is finally excited. Today we started - you may know the drill - bathrobe, sheets, blankets, bookcase, storage, micro, etc., etc., etc! I think we may have put it off to too late - trying to find a duvet cover that she likes is a challenge. But I've been browsing e-bay tonight and there are more choices there than in our area. It was fun and we'll go out again tomorrow and tackle more of the list.. slippers, shower caddy, school supplies, first aid kit, laundry soap....good thing I'm working.

Hope everyone is staying cool - been hot here. My garden is producing. Picked tomatoes, lettuce, cucs and zucchini last night. Yum. The raspberries are being eaten on the vine - we have to share with the birds!

Knit Peace


Roxie said...

Don't forget a wastebasket, a mug,spoon,knife,fork, plate for snacking. Goodwill can be a good source of storage containers. (Some nice unmatched baskets really cheap!)
All best wishes to her for a wonderful dorm experience!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

That's quite the dilemma with the sock yarn. I do toe up when I'm in that kind of situation.

I've read all but the last Potter book, but it's been so long that now I'm doing a review while I knit and listening to the audio CDs. Started with book 1 and when I'm done with Book 6 ... I'll read book 7 OR just listen to the CD for that one. I love the books but the CDs are really, really nice. I think it's because I can still knit while I listen, LOL.