Saturday, July 14, 2007

Too Hot to Knit

Really – up in the high 90’s during the day and still 75 at 11:00 pm – so too hot to sleep too. It’s also too hot to do anything outside but water the garden at least twice a day! (and dead heading the hanging baskets! Every year I say - No More Petunias!!! But see I've got them again!)

I have AC – but hate being inside all the time! With all this time off you’d think I’d be riding my bike or walking or something – but it’s too hot and I’m tired of it. We have spent a lot of time out in the shade on the patio – now the outdoor living room – where I’ve been reading but not knitting. I’ve read Two Cups of Tea that I mentioned in a previous post, Visible Bones – short interesting Natural History essays about the Columbia River country, Heart of the Beast – about a ranching family in eastern Oregon and now am now into Prairie – fictionalized story about the life of C.B. Irwin during the turn of the century in Wyoming.

I’ve tried knitting – did finish my sockapalooza socks – plain Jane with cable cuffs. I also tried the Montego Bay Scarf from this season’s issue of Interweave Knits. I was using the Blue Moon Seduction that I got awhile back – even ordered another skein to do the fringe. I’m not a yo person – I miss them and then of course the pattern sequence is messed up – so rip. After 5 tries – and I think I’d like to try lace? I don’t think so! Now what am I going to do with 880 yards of Footze foo! I will probably try again because I like this scarf!
Then while browsing around I found this great sweater pattern – Salt Peanuts – but they don’t make the yarn anymore and I think I’d like it in lighter weight yarn anyway – so may spend some time figuring that out. I like sweaters that have more drape – any suggestions for great draping yarn?

So life around here has been pretty boring. The girls are never home at the same time so we can’t plan any family activities either – I know I’m really complaining today – that’s what boredom does to you. I can’t wait to go back to work – August 1st for at least a full two weeks to fill in while the boss’s other assistant is on vacation and then hopefully the new project will have gotten approval and we will be on the way – yea!
Hope everyone is staying cool.


Roxie said...

Rayon drapes wonderfully, as does bamboo. and the footzyfoo yarn is gorgeous! Keep trying with that scarf. The yarn overs will become more noticable as you get used to the pattern.

At least things cool down in the evening in Redmond. I love those cool mornings.

Rhonda said...

They make some nice linen that drapes well once it's washed. And bamboo is defiantly a good drapery choice too. I'm knitting a summer short sleeve cardigan using KnitPicks Shine ... and I love the feel & drape of that. Besides that the price is right ;-)