Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am on a roll

Three things completed in 4 days - oh my gosh this is a record. They were all almost finished anyway. These are STR medium weight - it think the color is Metomorphis? Something like that. Pattern is Tidal Wave. I did cast on 56 stitches since the yarn is thicker than called for - worked out fine. These were my Weight Watcher socks - since I'm not going anymore I decided to finish them...I know - but I just can't afford the meetings anymore - but promise I am still on the program. Since I don't own a scale I don't know for sure if I've lost more - but clothes are fitting better - must mean something!

So tonight it's clean up my knitting area - put all the ball ends away, sort the patterns and choose a new scarf for that Pink Angora/Wool blend. Since it has been soooo cold - I should try to finish it quickly so I can use it this winter!


Roxie said...

You are just flying with this finishing up stuff!

And good for you for sticking with the program! Yay Julie. You can do it!! Count your points and keep getting that exercise.

Devorah said...

Way to go! Great socks and mitts.

Ina said...

Great socks - I love how the pooling changes at the heels.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Your socks look a lot nicer than the original pictured in the pattern. Love the color you choose also.

Judy said...

Love the socks!

You've received an award. Please visit my blog for details. :-)