Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One More Down - Hurray!

Another off the needles! REI Girl gave this yarn to me for Christmas - to knit something to match the jacket all the kids gave me (The Jacket is the Red-Orange color). So Convertible mittens it was - the yarn is Alpaca sock weight - so these are really comfy. Almost wish I'd done a scarf because I've got a lot left - hummm what can I find to go with it?

Now I only have three UFO's left to go - the question is will I work on them or start something else? I'll go investigate my knitting basket and see what I can find!
So this picture isn't really about the Swan family (Mom, Dad and Cygnet) that has taken up residence at the Ranch - but if you look at the raft of Canada Geese and the last one on the left - a case of identity crisis - this little Snow Goose has been hanging out with the Canadians for a few weeks now - never quite in the group - but not leaving their bunch! Poor guy I think he must be lost! Good place to be lost that's for sure.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh I love those gloves. Really nice!

Roxie said...

Gorgeous mitties! The button down top is inspired.

Poor little snowgoose has probably lost his mate to a predator and is hanging with the big guys for safety's sake.