Sunday, January 13, 2008

Need I say any more! Whew!!

I can't believe I did it! Steeks, facings - the works - it's finished!

The next project - a scarf of some kind. The pictures don't do the color justice - but with the Angora it is soooo soft.

And the mittens are one thumb shy of finished also. I had a total fiber day!!


Jane said...

That is a gorgeous sweater!

Jane said...

Good morning Julie!

Thanks for the kind words you added to my page! Yes, I love the West and hope to be there in about 2 years, perhaps 3. I almost feel like a misplaced Westerner living here on the East Coast.

Do you ever sell your sweaters? I am going to check out your other blog pages today as well. Take care and keep in touch!


Roxie said...

Your sweater totally rocks and I am soo impressed! Good work.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

And I love that sweater too. Where does the pattern come from? Would like to put it in my Queue.

Pat K said...

Beautiful work on the sweater!