Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dead Heading

Around mid-summer I always say - nope, ever again. No more flowers that I have to constantly dead head....but alas they get me every year. The lovely bright colors of the petunias, the huge overflowing baskets. I'm a sucker. Luckily my kids know this...and now I'm graced with beautiful hanging baskets...There aren't too many petunias in the second basket - so I think I might be safe! And the first one - all white and pink and Victorian looking doesn't have a single one! But all the other pots of flowers on the patio are only own fault.
Last night while driving home from Book Club (we're going to read "Big Russ and Me") I was treated to a beautiful sight - on my left was Tumalo (Small farming community) in it's finest hour - acres of green pastures and hay fields with the incredible Cascade mountains looking down - the mountains were black but just rimmed with the highlight of the setting sun. They stand out like sentinels. The light was magic. It was spectacular. And then - at the same time - on my right was a HUGE pumpkin moon rising. I was surrounded by what makes Central Oregon the BEST! I am so fortunate to live here!


Melissa said...

I remember hearing that there is a new petunia variety that doesn't need to be deadheaded. It could be that "wave" something that's sold all over now. (No memory, what can you do?)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

What!? No camera with ya?

Petunias seem to make their way into my garden also. How does that happen?

Kukka-75 said...

I love also nature. Here´s 1:30 am and it´s not dark outside. Soon the sun is rising... Happy mid summer!

Roxie said...

Magic, magic moment, And how can you photograph both horizons at once?

I also love it when the sun is completely set, and the full moon makes the snowfields glow.