Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Photos - Just Hello!

Oh my gosh - after complaining for weeks about the terrible weather - summer is here and it is way too hot - be careful what you wish for! We've had a Red Flag fire alert because of lightening expected this afternoon - it's thundering now! It will be a good exciting evening to stay in an air conditioned house - it's just too hot outside - 97 now I think!
Have not been knitting much - but some on my bag. It is to come.
My sister and family were here this weekend and we hung out at the lake trying to stay cool. I'd run out of books so dashed to the local (small box) book store and picked up the Friday Night Knitting Group.....finished this afternoon. Cute story and so true about how friendships knit us together....I am going to knitting group this week!
College Girl has a new job - working for the busiest caterer in town - loving it! (Yea!!) Making good money (Double Yea) and they seem to be thrilled with her too. This is the job that will get her through college - she can work occasional weekends when they have big jobs, work during Christmas break and have a job next summer etc. We are all thrilled.
REI Girl is busy getting stuff ready for Africa - only four more months. She will be more than ready for a break. She is having a frustrating time at work dealing with too much work and unhappy customers because there isn't enough staff. But she's doing a good job of sticking it out. REI staff has been wonderful to her - donating items to take to the Orphanage, supporting all her efforts. It's a great place to work - but they need more staff!
The Geek is looking into buying a motorcycle - I've just added another item to worry about. I know he'll be extra careful - it's the other driver I worry about.
Me - working lots and still happy as a clam - if I can just stay cool!
I promise pictures of my bag soon.
Knit Peace


Anonymous said...

Glad I'm missing the heat, though I'm back East with incredible humidity. Can't wait to get back to C.O. dryness. Any mosquitoes at the lakes?

Melissa said...

that was from Melissa -

Kukka-75 said...

Today we have very hot day here. I´ll be waiting your pictures of the bag =)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I HATE the humid heat ... so I'll never be retiring to Florida!