Friday, December 18, 2009


Actually finished - (isn't it cakes that are done?) But I can't talk about you'll have to check out my Project Notebook on Ravelry...skip the WIP's (I am now working on them) and just go to the next 6 items. Whew - it was a race but I did it! All started just after Thanksgiving - see what you can do when you don't have a life?

All my gifts are made or bought - nothings wrapped - tomorrow. I've even done some of the grocery shopping. We are doing things a little different this year. Usually we have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas eve...but since most of us are working that day (and need to work..) there just isn't time. So we're making a big pot of homemade clam chowder for Christmas Eve and will do the full on Turkey dinner on Christmas Day. It will just be me and the kids and I thought it was time they learned how to cook this meal - they do know the family tradition parts - homemade cranberry sauce and Satin Sauce for the pies. It will be a fun day of old movies and good smells from the kitchen. It will be good to have all three of them here.

REI Girl moved into her new place last weekend. She has a great roommate and a darling little house. She can walk to work and to school. She is in heaven. It is quiet around here but I'm enjoying it. Will enjoy it more when the Nurse comes home next week. It will be nice to have her around for 6 weeks!! I doubt she'll be able to stand the quietness of life here so will probably run up to Portland a few times to see her friends (including a new beau!). But I am looking forward to having her around.

Here's to a wonderful Holiday and a much better new year!! Knit on!!

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Roxie said...

It sounds like you have everything you need for a merry Christmas! Hope the new year brings security and increasing strength and healing.