Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This has been the longest project - started June 2008. Now it is in the finishing process. This is before felting...you'll have to wait for the after. I finally figured out how to make my washer use all hot water - switch the hoses and tell the washer to use cold - fooled it - it's all hot. (Thanks Paul) So now the felting is in process and it's actually working. I'll have more pictures later. I think I'm going to have leather straps put on it - take it to a saddle maker (there are many around here). I'm glad to have this off the WIP list.

I had a great Christmas - lots of heart felt gifts that were really appreciated. My best partner in crime at work (a man no less) even gave me some new yarn - alpaca silk lace weight - Oh I can't wait to get started on a shawl. My boss got me a great Audubon print of a Great Blue Heron (which we have on the Ranch) - it is framed in a wonderful old frame that sets it off perfectly. Both these presents took time and effort - I was really surprised and really honored by their efforts.

Being with the kids was lots of fun. REI Girls roommate was with us too - what a silly girl - she fit right in! I am a very lucky mom! We did things a little different this year. Traditionally we have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve - but we all worked that day. So instead I made homemade clam chowder. On Christmas day we cooked the big meal together. I've always thought cooking on Christmas day was too stressful - too much going on - but this worked out fine since it was just us.

The drama at work is almost over....decisions are being made. I do know that I'm in for at least three more months - then things may change - but I bet it works out for me anyway! So am really looking forward to a positive New Year. Cleaning up my WIP list and starting a new shawl - maybe this one - Ene's Scarf - I think it's more shawl like...we'll have to see when I get at least one more WIP out of the basket!

Hope everyone's Holiday was merry and best wishes for the best New Year!!


Mette aka mettuska said...

Looks really fine. Can´t wait for the smaller one :D

Roxie said...

Entrelac is SO fiddly! You are such a hero for finishing it. It looks gorgeous!

Your Christmas sounds wonderful, and the new year bodes nicely. All hugs and joy!

Polly said...

It's beautiful, Julie! I remember when you brought it to one of our knit-ups when you'd just started it. Can't wait to see the finished product, and I think the leather straps are a fantastic idea!

Happy New Year to you! Best, PJ