Friday, January 07, 2011


These (and a bunch more) were a Christmas gift from my kids - aren't they great. We had a lot of fun doing them on a cold Sunday morning!

Since it is the season for resolutions - I've got a few...
1) Lose weight - doing Weight Watchers at home with the Nomad
2) Read more - since I'm not working I've got tons of time
3) Declutter and empty closets....what do I get rid of?
4) Knit, Knit and Knit some more. I've got so many projects in mind I hardly know where to start!!
5) Sort through the huge boxes of family photos from my parents house. Once they are sorted what do I do with them? Same goes for boxes of documents etc...What is important to keep?

I've got plenty to do that's for sure.

Sister is coming to visit for the weekend - so will be doing some kind of activity - plus eating too much I'm sure!!

Oh look who came to visit....

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Roxie said...

MMMmmmmm, there's good eating on those.

Awesome photos. You have great kids.