Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Update

I'm almost ready to have nothing - see that "NOTHING" on my needles. I've had a challenging time putting together the Girl Friday. Picked up stitches for the wide button band and the collar - never seemed to get the correct numbers each side. Finally decided I was close enough. Did the bands, button hole, collar etc. Looked totally wrong. Band didn't hang correctly, bunched up. Took it out and finally realized that the front pieces where different lengths - although I had ended on the same row in the pattern - turns out I did an extra pattern repeat. Why didn't this show up when I blocked it! Stupid.

Took out the shoulder seam, and ripped back to where it belonged. Redid the shoulder seam. Picked up stitches at a different rate than suggested in pattern - they had 2 to 3 and I went with 3 to 4.....all is now well. I'm actually on the home stretch and it looks so much better!
I vow to finish this before I start something else - which will be a hat for me!!! I haven't had empty needles for years. Before I started blogging I always finished a project before I started the next one and I never had a yarn stash. My how things have changed!!

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