Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back at it!

Back at it on two fronts. Back to the blocking board. Took me hours to do the seams - I was careful about each stitch - had to be perfect. Got it all finished and guess what - it didn't fit!! Whenever I make a size XL it's too big - so I did a large and the arm holes are tight and the front is snug (since I am missing essential parts that's amazing). So back to the blocking board. Hopefully this will solve my problem.

Yes my needles were empty for a few hours - but just a few. I know - how boring - another hat. But they are fun!

Spent a lot of time organizing The Nomad this weekend. She is moving into her own place!!! Empty Nest for me! Emptied boxes, cleaned storage room out, went to the dump, reorganized boxes, etc. Satisfying to say the least. My quest for more room will soon be realized. But it will be quiet around here - I won't know what to do with myself...oh I'll think of something!!


Roxie said...

The hat is squeeful! How fun and pretty!

Hooray for storage space. And best of luck to the Nomad!

Elizabeth said...

Love the colors in the hat! If you are bored you can always take up ZUMBA!