Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm into Hats!!

I'm liking knitting hats!!

Primarily because I'm stuck on other projects. I finished blocking my Girl Friday - picked up stitches for the collar and wide front band as instructed - 2 for every 3 - but it just didn't work out - wished I'd taken a picture before I ripped it out. The first and last stitch at the bottom of the front bands were picked up at the last possible stitch - yet the bands are shorter than the front I'll try again. I must finish this as I found the best button ever! Pictures I promise.

Wednesday is book club and I'm making split pea soup with a honey ham bone - yum! Perfect for the wet and windy weather we're having. I get to pick the book for next time and I can't decide. I had planned to suggest "River House" - local author, local story, but I started it early and just finished it. Now I've have started "Loving Frank" - about Frank Lloyd Wright and his love affair with a married woman. Fascinating story...kinda sad. We'll have to vote. Both are good and interesting.

Speaking of weather - I heard on the news tonight that the Sandy River has changed it's course near where I vacationed in washed out a major road (which we drove on) and about 50 homes are stranded! Not exactly where I was - but pretty close. That would be scary to say the least!

Hope everyone is safe, warm and dry....


Roxie said...

Awesome hat! Hats are like potato chips. You can't stop with just one. They are relatively quick, easy to fit, and sooo satisfying!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I love hats too. I have a box next to my door filled with hats & mittens for me to pick out a different one to wear just about every day. Stay warm & dry.

Anonymous said...

Mom, I heard the river completely washed out three homes in the last few days and that they're going to have to completely re-route the river and dig a new path in order to fix the roads... ridiculous!