Thursday, May 04, 2006


Oh My Gosh - my pal recieved her socks already - I sent them on Fri to Germany and they arrived on Tuesday!! How fast is that - faster than if I'd sent them to the east coast I bet - even sent from the tiny community Post Office here in Camp Sherman.
She loved them and I loved making them - all is well!!!
I will take pics of my Celtic Cardigan soon - am progressing up the back. Slow going because I don't have much time. Socks I started are in limbo for awhile. Am not liking the toe up concept - don't like the gusset as well this way....but will continue!!
Beautiful sunny warm day here - enjoy!!!


spyarn said...

Hey Sockapaloooza pal, your socks are a wee bit delayed but will be mailed on Saturday. Do let me know when you recieved them. How fun for you that your pal was from Germany:D Happy knitting!

Rhonda said...

The toe up is what I learned to do first ... so it's my favorite. It's all what your use to I guess. Happy knitting!