Sunday, February 25, 2007


These are the remix of my folk socks - added another pattern before the toe - to make them longer and then redid the first sock to match - so now I have new socks for me - hurray!! I think I have enough yarn left from these and some other left overs to do a fun pair of stripped socks - wild but fun.

Other remixes were completed today also - M3 daughter rearranged her room and we moved some furniture around - also made a big pile for the thrift store. Washed her canopy and curtians in my office - oh my gosh they look crisp and wonderful. Also slapped a test paint color on the window trim while the curtains were down - I was trying for a sage green - but don't like it. It's too washed out and dreary looking. I'm having trouble coming up with the correct color - will keep trying things out. The room needs a repaint - want something colorful that will still be light - there are big windows in here - I love the natural light. Maybe a carmel color? I hate picking colors!!!
Tonight is new sock night - just a pair of short socks for M2 - a good project while watching the Academy Awards.

Hope everyone has a great week - they keep saying it's going to snow here - and although we've had flashes of rain and hail for really short moments - I doubt we'll get much. Have tomorrow off so it doesn't matter!

Dream Knit Peace


Teri said...

Love the sock! I hate picking paint colors too. My daughter and I painted our hallway today. I opted for just plain old white. I was afraid that if I used any other color that it would make the hallway feel dark and small.

Ann said...

The socks are gorgeous.

If you think the paint is too washed out, try this before you repaint: Get some glaze from the paint store and get a small amount of the darkest or 2nd darkest color on the paint chip from your current light, washed out color. With me? Then mix the glaze and the darker paint -- I use a 50/50 mix. It'll be dark and scary. Paint it on over the light color with a brush, then wipe most of it off with a clean cloth. If you like the result, email me and I'll talk to you about feathering edges...

Pat K said...

LOVE the sock! You did a super job with all those colors. Enjoy wearing them!

Roxie said...

Lovely socks! Good on you!

Have you tried the Behr on-line site to pick your paint color? It's lots of fun playing with the colors and painting those virtual rooms.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I love your sock ... the color combo is really nice! Is that an after thought heel?

I love picking paint colors but hate trying to convince my DH it'll work. He doesn't have my vision, LOL. Ann, who commented earlier, has good advise & also, Roxie.