Friday, February 16, 2007

Life has been pretty boring and ordinary around here the last two weeks. Last weekend I planned all this cleaning - but then put it off because I expected to work - but didn't - so knit on this instead. From Folk Socks. Molly gave me this last summer and finally I had some concentrated time. I wanted to do some stranded color work before tackling a big sweater. The knitting was fine - although I did add the cuff - they would have been way too short otherwise....wish I had added another series of something to the foot - they are a little short for me. When I am finished with the second sock we'll see what colors I have left and maybe I'll take out the first one. I'm not thrilled with the heel - afterthought - I think it's a little messy. Had to cinch up the corner holes when I wove in all those ends. I practiced hiding the jog - need more practice (I didn't show you that side) but it will work for socks. I find Nanette's blog so helpful and inspiring.
This has been an interesting week - eldest daughter decided to withdraw from college - just feels it is too stressful and she panics and in turn doesn't get her work done. I feel bad because I doubt she'll go back. A lost investment. She plans to work hard this spring and possibly move to Colorado this summer. She has a friend there and there is plenty of employment opportunities. It is time for mom to let her be herself I guess - I tend to enable her I think - I'm always sending her a few dollars more. That's the deal - in school I'll help all I can -otherwise don't expect it - she is doing really well and definitely has been very happy the last 4 months or so - I have been so excited for her. It has been like having a new daughter. So hopefully this will be a good path for her.
Spent all day yesterday shampooing the carpets - it was back breaking and gross work - I had no idea they were so bad. I'm going to do it again in a few months - I was still pulling out dirty water. But it sure looks better - I was amazed. Exhausted afterwards - afraid I wouldn't stay awake for Gray's Anatomy - I can't believe Meredith would really die - can't eliminate the main character can you?
The weather is predicted to be nice tomorrow - so maybe a walk is in the day - but am having a new hair day in the morning so we'll see. There will be plenty of time for knitting - oh have been working a lot on the Celtic Sweater again - really need to get it off my plate.
Hope everyone is surviving the cold east coast - we've been there done that and I'm sure we all will again.
Knit Peace


Kim said...

I can understand being worried about your daughter dropping out of college. But if she's happy, can you ask for more? I love how your sock turned out! I've never done stranded socks before.

Pat K said...

There comes a point with all the grown-up children when they decide to do something that we ourselves wouldn't do. And that's the point where we have to step back and let them go. They've come to the point where they really are making their own decisions, and stepping out into life for real. All a part of life. Keep smiling and keep knitting, and now watch how your children turn out. It's always amazing to see that they really can make decisions that turn out to be the best for them.

Willow said...

I actually have Folk Socks out to take to dd tomorrow. Your pattern is Ukrainian Socks, right?

I remember doing things my parents wouldn't have done, and I turned out ok. It's true in every generation. We tell our kids, Do what you love and the money will come. Of course as you are dealing with the choices, it looks scarier. Godd luck to her!

Sharon said...

My son was a first year college dropout. What serendipity. He went off to find himself, and found a wife and his calling as well. Today he's a happy college graduate with a fulfilling career. Education is never wasted...there will come a day when you will be amazed at how things turned out. Like your socks....they are amazing too.

Roxie said...

Awesome sock! I bet that took quite a while and quite a lot of attention. Good job!

I dropped out of college for two years, realized that real life wasn't as much fun as I had expected, and returned to get my degree. Your daughter just may need a little time to look around and get herself oriented.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Your daughter will do fine ... time for her own decisions to be made now. You've given her a solid foundation and that's whats important. I didn't graduate from college (got 1 1/2 yrs at age 25 when I went back) but where ever I've worked & classes were offered, I took them. I think I do best when "grades" are not a measure of what I've learned ... And guess what ... I work at M.I.T. no less.

BTW, your sock looks fantastic! Even when I took a closeup look ... looks really great to me.