Monday, February 26, 2007

AA Knitting

I've got to get more of this yarn - I think it's STR Fairgrounds - but it is so so cute - it would make the best baby sweater! It's from the Traveling Stash. I'm making short socks for M2 now and am sure there will be enough left over for me too. Watching the Academy Awards was fun - I've got to see The Queen!

Thanks for all the painting ideas. Ann - I've used that technique before and it works. In this case the green doesn't work - so am looking at carmel or muted gold or I don't know. It'll take me weeks to figure it out - and lots of test spots. The other main room in the house is a Golden Ecru - which I love - but want to be a little brighter in here. Then of course there is the hall - and it's 6 doors - Oh I dread the doors! When I moved in here 12 years ago we painted almost everything - but not the doors in the hallway - so there's no escaping it this time. I have two more bedrooms to paint too - The joys of homeownership!!


Pat K said...

Oh, that is a great colorway. Very spring-like. And yes, that would make an interesting baby sweater.

Ann said...

I've got a caramel wash in my kitchen... love caramel.

Roxie said...

Pretty socks!

The door painting is only a problem if you want to do a good job. If your standards are low enough, painting doors is a breeze. (Grin)

Suzanne said...

The yarn is beautiful!!