Sunday, February 04, 2007

65 and a Warm Breeze!

Alpaca - wanting to go for a walk with us Can you guess what the above is?

Sunday Sky along the Deschutes
Yes, it was 65 degrees out - a warm breeze and just beautiful - in February no less! In Central Oregon. Molly and I went for a good walk - the dog is now totally exhausted - I was a little concerned because she kept trying to go for a good swim - luckily she is pretty smart and realized the current was really swift so didn't venture very far out. I doubt she'll move much more this afternoon.
A good time was had by all - (Marianne was too exhausted from Dancing the night away!) Now that dinner dessert brownies are baking and the Super Bowl is on - its time to put in a movie and knit!
Knit Peace
(So how do I get SOME of this text to be centered and the rest to be not - I tried highlighting just the bottom part and left justifying it - but then the whole thing is that way....gurrr)


Pat K said...

Beautiful pictures! My dog wants to go for a walk with you guys, and so do I. What a fine way to spend the day.

Rhonda said...

Nice taking a February walk. BTW, I meant to comment about your previous post ... you have a beautiful daughter. Oh yes, they grow up so fast. And time doesn't slow down for grandchildren either.

Roxie said...

Lovely close-up of the fallen log. And wonderful scenery! What a treat! It's the ides of February. We always get a mild couple of weeks just before the end of winter hammers down. enjoy it as hard as you can!! And happy knitting!

Willow said...

Beautiful photos, esp of the river. I love your new "mantra"--knit peace. Knitting always (almost) makes me more peaceful, but of course, if we knit for peace we also knit to help others feel warm and beautiful!