Thursday, January 05, 2006


Oh my gosh - I DID get a bonus from work - don't hate the job quite as much today, especially since I can spend a little of it on yarn - so much for the only stash project I've been reading about!! What to buy....
1) Denise Interchangeable needles - yes
2) Sock yarn - need suggestions for some heavier weight yarn for extra warm sturdy socks.
3) Something to do from the Scarf Style book
4) Faire Isle sweater - which one? Suggestions needed please. I did a Philosphers Wool one a few years ago and loved it.

Too many choices and not enough time to decide - I need instant gratification!!

I'll be watching for suggestions!!


Lynn said...

If you are looking for scarf inspiration, check out the scarf style knitalong at

I really want to make Lady Eleanor. Some of the finished ones I've seen have been amazing.

Pat K said...

Never used interchangeables. Gotta check out that scarf KAL. Gotta get the book. Gotta find time to get knitting again. Gotta put the decorations away first, though. On second thought, might just leave 'em up; save time next December.