Sunday, January 08, 2006


Well I went to my LYS yesterday with the intention of purchasing yarn for three projects - two scarves and a sweater - found the yarn for both scarves. This one is for a Feburary Birthday and the other I got is for me. Both from Scarf Style.
I also picked out a pattern that I've always wanted to do - the Celtic sweater from Oat Couture. But could I find the right yarn - no.....this LYS never seems to have enough - they have tons of different yarns, but never enough of one kind. It's a beautiful store with hundreds of yarns, just not enough of one kind for an large or extra large sweater. Of course I feel uncomfortable going around writing down what I like so I can order it on-line, but what else do I do?
We do have another LYS - but I ran out of time to run by there.
So my plan to splurge my bonus on stash was not totally successful - but it was fun.
I did pick up the Denise needles - so far so good. I do wish the points were a little longer - k2tog is challenging - maybe it's just this mohair yarn - we'll see.

Woke up this morning to snow again - yea - except for daughter M2 is driving home over the pass today and there is lots of snow there. Does she have chains? Can't remember - oh well another day to spend worrying.



Pat K said...

Looks like a great project. And yarn is a good thing to have around when you're worrying about the kids.

From one whose been there more times than we can count...

margene said...

Thank you for taking time to stop by and leave a comment. It is fun to meet new bloggers. The color your knitting is a favorite of mine. Enjoy it!

Ann said...

Hi Julie, I saw you on Pat's blog and came by to see. I LOVE that yarn. Never heard of it -- we don't have it at the LYS where I work. I'll have to look it up! Perfect with that scarf pattern. And on the Celtic Sweater? I really like that pattern. Well written and clear as theirs often are. I too have "trouble" knitting an extra large size for myself. Seems to go on forever! I guess I could remedy that situation, but...Anyway, I hope the pass-daughter-driving thing turns out ok. I'm with Pat -- yarn is good to worry over.