Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Morgans Birthday

Aren't they GREAT! M1 Son's Birthday dinner - They grow up sooo fast - it seems just yesterday - I know we all say that, but isn't it amazing. Had a nice evening with lively dinner discussions - especially about the reports about Fox News - interesting to hear what the kids had to say about the media.

On the knitting front - I made it to Sockapalooza - I'm going to have to edit this later with the correct links - my computer isn't doing the right thing...so later...
OK - it's later and I got the link to work correctly - I'm so new at this, I'm not sure if it is really going to the Sockapalooza site or just the BlueBlog - I'll adjust later if necessary.

I was reading Yarn Harlots blog yesterday - what a joy - I find this knitting community to be so amazing. Thousands of knitters all over the world read her blog, read others, have thier own and are part of this. The Olympics, the Knitters without Borders, all the various KAL's the get us to know each other and share our lives - more than just our passion for knitting and creating. I really believe we are a force of wonder! Are there other blog communities that have such a huge participation? I am honored to be part of this group.

It is a beautiful day here - finally we have sunshine. Usually we have way more sun than clouds - but the last few months have been cloudy, rainy or snowy - don't mind the snow - but hate the rain. Today is glorious - the mountains in thier full splendor - I'll have to get a good picture some morning - Central Oregon is really beautiful - they are right out my work window! Lucky me!!

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Pat K said...

Send him a happy birthday from me! I was hoping you got into Sockapalooza. I posted in just after 10:00pm AZ time. I also enjoyed Stephanie's entry yesterday and sent her congratulations. Hers was the first blog I stumbled into. As they say, the rest is history.