Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy Birthday!

How cool is this - today is my Birthday - and it's The Yarn Harlots, and it's Sheryl's and it was my mom's and her mom's and it is Flag Day!!! Sheryl - my mom and I thought it was great that they designated Flag Day as our birthday too! The streets of Redmond are lined with Flags today - wish I'd had my camera because it is quite a site. They are about every 15 feet - hundreds of them and they are big ones - not the little guys but full size!

Happy Birthday to all of us!!!

Tonight after book club - at my house - I will be downloading an Audible book to go with the Nano two of my wonderful kids gave me and starting my socks that my other wonderful kid gave me - reading and knitting - The Best Birthday Ever!!!

And my Dad is coming home from the Hospital today!!! Wow - you go Dad!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great day! :-)

Joan said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! And good luck to your Dad. Lot's of good people born on this day huh?

Rhonda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Gosh, what a busy day. Have a good one.

Sheryl said...

and Happy Birthday to you too!
Wow 3 generations of flag day girls. How cool.

Judy said...

Happy Birthday (a little late).

That's great news about your Dad!

Pat K said...

Happy Birthday! And best wishes for many more! Glad to hear the news about your dad. It must be the most major birthdate in blogland.