Sunday, June 11, 2006

This turned out so well I had to share it - Rose from my sisters garden!!
We are home now - back in Redmond. Dad seemed better this morning but I hated to leave him-he seemed so vulnerable....not quite my big tough Dad anymore. But I'm hopeful that in a few months he will be better. I am so glad that the whole family could be there together - I'm really glad all my kids were there with us!
We did manage to make it to a few yarn shops and my daughter got me an early birthday present - more sock stuff - what else. Have always wanted this book and wanted to do socks with stranded color - so this is perfect.
Will be busy here for the next few days - catching up at work - heard my computer crashed and new hard drive is on the way - hope the backup worked!! Plus Wednesday is book club and it's at my house. We just read The Mermaid Chair - Luckily my brother had been fishing and brought home fresh Halibut!! Yum.
Hope everyone has a great week.
Knit on!

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lorinda said...

So glad to read that your Dad made it through surgery and is progressing. Will keep him in prayer for a speedy recovery. Cool birthday presents, too.!