Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Book Club

I need an idea for a Book Club Book - it needs to be available on Audible also - since I just got a new Nano for my Birthday!!!! Book Club is tomorrow night so I need ideas fast. We just read The Mermaid Chair - which I loved.
Send me ideas!!
Also what Knitting Podcast should I try out - any ideas would be appreciated!!
I've got all the yarn in balls for my next sock project - will keep you posted - but have to finish Trekking first. Can't have too many things going at once!
ttfn - knit on!


Sheryl said...

Ohhh welcome to Podland. Is the nano your first? As for podcasts I listen to Cast-On, Pointy Sticks, and recently added It's a Purl Man. There are soooo many to choose from. Try them all!

Julia said...

Hi Julie - Happy belated Birthday! Of course you'll have to listen to Cast On podcast, which just finished its second series, but you can download the past episodes. I also like Insubordiknit, which is brand new. And in non-knitting podcasts, I like Quirky Nomads. For book club books, I would suggest "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. Or maybe a Jane Austen classic (I always like the classics in summer!) or Bronte's "Jane Eyre."

Jenn said...

I also like Cast-on and Pointy Sticks and Knit Cast. Happy (belated!) Birthday!