Sunday, June 18, 2006

My only knitting accomplishment this week - something little for my little Nano - but I did teach myself how to knit small circumference with one long circular needle - a little cumbersome at first - but I figured it out.... now how to do sock gussets - more challenging I'm sure.

I've downloaded "American Pastoral" by Philip Roth and have been listening while knitting this. I'm not sure this is the best book to start with - it requires thinking! It is hard to concentrate on two things at once.

Summer seems like it has finally arrived - last week we had rain rain and more rain - with golf ball size hail thrown in - it flattened my peonies - they smelled so wonderful! Yesterday I managed to get the lawn mowed and one tomatoe planted - will get the rest today. My veggie garden is pretty sad - more weeds than veggies. With all the rain and lack of sun a lot of things didn't come up so will have to replant somethings. Luckily I never use an entire seed packet.

I have a full day to myself today - M1 daughter is at work and M2 daughter drove to Portland yesterday to stay with her cousins and see a long time favorite boy pal - just pal but an awesome kid - they met at summer camp maybe 6 years ago and have connected many times over the years. This was her first long drive alone - freeway and all - spent three hours worrying about her but she made it fine. First steps are scary for moms!

My Dad seems to being fine - sounds much better everyday - more like himself, not so confused. What a relief. I'm going to Portland next weekend to be the designated visitor. Looking forward to spending time with him.

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there - I'm lucky - I've got the greatest!!

My buddies from Wyoming (who I made the mittens for) were here overnight on Friday - a too short visit but I sure love seeing them. They are planning to move back to Oregon sometime next year - it will be nice to have them around.

There is an article in this months Sunset magazine about Wyoming & Montana - reading it made me cry - we're not going on that adventure this year - no vacations planned. The kids and I both are just working too much - we need to unfortunately. But I hope to go in October for a wedding - but it won't be the same without the kids. See my previous post about the impact these trips have had on my family. There just aren't words to express what a huge event these trips were for us.

Well I'm off the figure out how to attach an I-Cord strap to my Nano cover - I think I've got directions for something like that somewhere. Hope everyone has a great week.


Pat K said...

Glad to know that your dad is still improving.

Rhonda said...

I see you've been pretty busy this week too. Know what you mean about the rain & the garden. My tomatoe plants are okay, but look pitifully small. Glad to hear your Dad is doing well. My Dad is going for more tests ... they don't know what's wrong yet. Thank goodness I have a lot of minutes on my cell phone!