Sunday, June 25, 2006

I had a great time!!

I really had fun on my Trek over the meadows and through the woods. First stop was The Black Sheep Gathering.......where all these just hopped in my knitting bag. It was really fun and wish I'd had more time. But I got what I went for - STR and Sock Candy. Hand Jive was there also and I got some Plum Merino - but might use this for trade stash as I figured out when I got home that it isn't superwash - but the color is great. The Sock Candy is on the needles for flip flop socks - they had a free pattern so I thought what the heck - they'll be cool this summer.

Plus I found this wonderful Interlacements - a pretty shawl or two scarves or something. And I found some very small but pretty stitch markers. All in all it was worth the extra 70 miles to go out of my way to Eugene. The drive down the McKenzie River is one of my favorites and I had Phantom of the Opera blarring so it was a good adventure!

I think next year I may take a class or two - just a way to visit with other knitters. There where a lot of them wandering about. There is another fiber show this fall that may be fun also - but don't know how many participants there are - but another good excuse to go on a road trip!

When I got to Portland everyone was ready for dinner - so we picked up my Dad and Bev and went out for Chinese - it was wonderful. Dads first outing. I spent most of Saturday visiting with Dad - he's looking better everyday - just the usual post surgery complaints - the incision itches, he has no appetite etc....but he actually got up and rode his stationery bike for 1.2 miles he reminds me!! Saturday night my sister had friends for dinner and we sat out on the patio til late and enjoyed the evening and the wine. Left Portland this morning to avoid the heat - it is expected to be 100 there - it's about 95 here so not much difference. Am glad to be home and now I can admire my new stash....speaking of which I get to do some trading - I'm in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Stash - Oh I can't wait. I promise to add something great. What fun it has been to watch where it's gone!

I was talking to my family about this knitting blogging thing and they just don't get it!! They think I am a total weirdo (true). I just want all of you to know I have really enjoyed being part of this community! Am looking forward to sharing more adventures!!


Pat K said...

Lovely yarn. Yum. And it's hard to imagine that you are as hot there as we are here. Maybe even hotter. Hurrah for your dad!

Rhonda said...

Oh what yummy yarn! Yes worth the extra 70 mile trek. You bet ya!!

My family thinks I'm dorky also. "What, you blog about KNITTING? YARN? Good G[olly]!!" Or a roll of the eyes & a shake of the head ... well my GOOD friends understand. And I love the friends I've made in the knitting community too. THEY understand ... we're with ya Julie! Keep on knitting.

Julia said...

What fun! I'm glad you had a good time - I've heard Black Sheep is a lot of fun. What is the fiber fest in the fall? So happy to hear your Dad is doing well.

Kim in Oregon said...

I spent my whole BSG budget at the Blue Moon booth! So then I had to go over my budget to buy the rest of the things I really, really needed.

I took a great class at the BSG on spinning. It was a fun opportunity to spend hours with fiber fools!

Roxie said...

Are you thinking about making it to the Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby in the fall? I always have a ball there! (Check out the Fantasy Fibers Booth. I love her mystery batts!) And isn't it just about time for the Deschutes County Fair? What are you exhibiting?