Sunday, June 04, 2006

Heaven Can Wait - the walk was great - both Molly and I got tears thinking that Breast Cancer has touched everyone at the race and there were over 2000 participants!! It was very moving walking with all these people dedicated to make a difference. Grannie Annie would have been proud of us!
I didn't bring my "Trek with Me" Project - I should have because I could have knit while waiting for the REI pictures to be taken. Aren't they great! All the female employees at REI participated.

It was a little blustery and rain was threatening - but we lucked out!! I made it in good spirits and enjoyed the walk - came in in the middle of the pack - not too bad for an old lady who is really out of shape!

After the Race we did the Costco run - I was so good - Mason Dixon Knitting was there and I didn't get it!! Wish I had!! Now it's relax time - have had my nap! Girls have gone to dinner with thier Dad so it's quite time for Mom - hurray!
Went out and checked the garden - I think we've had so much rain this week that everything has rotted!! No Lie - it looks pretty bad - but I'll give it a while before I start over. Luckily I still have things I haven't planted - Tomatoes, Peppers - gosh I just realized I forgot the onions too - oh well they'll still have time! We have a very short growing season here - it could freeze any day of the year and often does!
Busy week but hope to get some picture worthy progress on the Trekking socks.
Knit on!

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