Saturday, March 25, 2006

Foiled again

Is that how you spell foiled - as in my plans are shot?
I had planned on working outside today - week after next is free yard debris pick-up - so was going to get started.....but this is what I woke up to - Hate it when that happens! It's pretty wet and won't last long - but still won't be a gardening day.
So in the spirit of 'Let's get organized' I'm cleaning house - boring boring boring.

Luckily my knitting storage is organized - the dresser holds needles in one drawer - just in there, not organized - all single points and circulars. The circulars are in a plastiz zip lock - but I still have to get them out and measure them each time I want one! Most of them are from my mom's supply - old but very usuable.
The other drawers have ball ends of all my past projects - organized by type mostly. Sock yarn in one, worsted in a few etc. The baskets on top are not yet used stash - about enough for maybe 5 socks and some stuff I thought I'd use for scarves - odds and ends. I think the big basket has almost a skein of Manos left from my sisters vest - need to find a project for that - the colors are so great. Maybe I could use it for a felted bag with something else?
The selves have knitting books, patterns, junk, etc. I need to get some of those shelf magazine holders - it would be much more convenient.
I found a great basket the other day at Target - but unfortunately didn't buy it and when I went back of course it was gone - it was big, smooth sided and Red. I wanted it to put behind my chair with my sock stash - I thought it would be colorful.
Someday when I find the perfect bookcase for next to my chair - I want one shelf for the knitting books and one shelf for baskets of yarn and stuff. But that's not high on my spending list at the moment
I made a few beaded row counters last night - didn't do a lot of knitting. But looks like today there will be progress!!


Rhonda said...

I can't wait to get outside & plant. Fortunately my DH will do the yard clean up, which looks good for today... no snow or rain yet. I'm still working inside. Will post my biggest clean up yet. I just got finished organizing the stash & got pics taken of each pile for the "Flash your Stash" event... I'll post about it today[come take a look on April 1st]

And for your organizing event, I want to mention my idea to give you; I list all my books in That's one of my most major organizing ideas. Before I buy any new books, I check my library/inventory in to see if I have it. Sure saves on duplicate purchases [which I was known to do, LoL] Once everything was listed, it's now easy to just put on a new book when I get it. Well back to work... lot's more to do!

margene said...

Looks a lot like my neighborhood. I didn't clean house...knitting called;-)

Ann said...

Ok, could you please come over and organize MY stash? Please? What a great thing -- when we get new bedroom furniture, I've got dibs on the dressers...for yarn. Funny, here in St. Louis, we had a gorgeous day Saturday. But I didn't do any yardwork ;?