Sunday, March 12, 2006


I can't believe I've never done anything with a P3Tog - I now know why - I've been working on a new sock with my Trekking XXL that's been in my stash and the pattern has a P3Tog - I hate it!! I've ripped it out and am searching for something else. I've tried different needles - a better point and I still can't do it comfortably - what a pain!!!
Also worked on my mittens - they are coming along nicely - but I know that the second mitten will look much better than this first one - I will have got the stranding down much these might be for me instead of my friend in Wyoming - I've got plenty of stash to do another pair - Julia - this is real practice!!
Quiet weekend here on the homefront. Girls have been out and about. Today is homework and hopefully a walk - but the snow keeps spitting occassionaly, so we'll see. Washing and knitting is in the cards for me.


Rhonda said...

Always nice to knit on a cold or snowy day. Good luck with the mittens!

Julia said...

Well, practice makes perfect!? Hang in there - it will be worth it.

Rhonda said...

Do you do Continental or English style knitting? P3tog is easier to do if you're an English (thrower) knitter. Did you get it mastered? Julia is right, practice makes perfect.