Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dale of Norway

How about this sweater - wish I could see it better....
I found it here. I think I would alter the dropped shoulders a little - tends to look big on me if I don't. But it's my colors and looks fun.
Still working on my mittens - I'm considering ripping them out again and using bigger needles - it seems pretty tight to me. That's the deal with stranded colors - we tend to knit tighter I guess. I have been experimenting with dominate color - doesn't seem to matter which color I carry in which hand - maybe on a bigger piece it would be more noticeable.
I've really got to get out of this small project mode - I just love the instant gratification aspect....but I need a big project to work on.....keep searching.
Remember the washer - came late etc - well now it doesn't people are coming tomorrow...what's the deal here. Everything I bought new - washer and lamp - has broken in the first few days. What did I do to deserve this?
Knit on!

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