Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday Update?

Obviously – since It’s the middle of the morning and I’m posting – must be bored at work – yup bored. Boss is gone, work is all caught up and then some. So here I am blogging away…….lots of discussion out there about stash projects – I spent some time on Sunday looking at all my stash and figuring out what I could do with it. I had bought some Brown Sheep to do a vest for M2 daughter – but she decided she’d never wear it – so it’s been hanging around for awhile – then on Sunday it turned into this and by tomorrow It’ll be much smaller I hope. My first felting project!
I also came across two balls of Trekking sock yarn – so will do these socks with one, which will probably get started tonight also.
Don’t worry I’m still working on the mittens – but they are slower going – a long term project since it’s not going to be mitten weather for long. These are for a friend who lives in Wyoming who does lots of weekly walking – so she won’t really need them for awhile.
These mittens will be an unexpected gift for a very appreciated friend. A way to say Thank you for going beyond! As I said, she lives in Wyoming and we visited this summer when we were in Jackson with M2 daughter. Then M2 went to visit them and she had a wonderful time. Lots of heart to heart talks were involved and it was very helpful to M2. She called the other night just to see how M2 was doing – so I really appreciate her friendship. They will be moving back to Oregon in a little over a year and I’m looking forward to having them closer.
It looks like winter is back again – we’ve got a dusting of snow here on the High Desert and they say there could be a foot or more in the mountains by tomorrow – so no gardening for me this weekend. I have so much debris to pick up. We have a Free garden debris pick up with the garbage service – it’s in April so have to get stacking!!
I’ve planned a secret “me only” trip early this summer to the Black Sheep Gathering – thought this would be great for stash enhancement and maybe a class or two just for fun. I’ll go at least for part of a day and then head to Portland to see my family. Have to plan ahead!
I worked last night at my other job – which I love – when I left and walked outside I heard the local great horned owl hooting – it was a perfect evening – stars bright and the owl. It sounds really neat bouncing off the canyon walls - I almost cried it was so perfect!
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Warning – you may see more changes on my blog design today – just fooling around!
Knit on!

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Julia said...

I love the color of the slippers! Those are going to be great! I hadn't heard of the Black Sheep Gathering - looks like a lot of fun, and it's always nice to have a fiber festival to look forward to. Our local one is in mid-July, just the time of year you want to be thinking about wool :-)