Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Update 2

It was a productive weekend…..knitting wise anyway. Didn’t do much else but knit and watch movies – Harry Potter-The Goblet of Fire and Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed both, Pride and Prejudice was slow, but beautiful to see the English countryside.

I did restart my Nordic mittens – I like them much better. I was doing them with a size 1 needle – but they were too small and the fabric was too tight – it they weren’t stranded color it probably would have been OK – so switched to a 3 – and they work great. I am much happier with the results.

I also found a quick knit pattern for my Trekking socks – totally easy to remember so this is my ‘carry with me’ project. I’m really loving the colorway – wish it showed up better on this picture. Any ideas about taking photos? Flash or not – inside or out? Natural light is probably better. But there isn’t much of that late at night when I finally remember to take pictures!!

Julia commented recently about my “Knitting Notebooks”
– I have two three-ring binders that I keep all my info that I’ve printed off the Internet, single patterns, tips& tricks etc. I have one for socks and one for everything else. They have the clear plastic sleeves on the covers so I can put pictures or notes or anything in them. When I’m working on a sweater that I’ve figured out the sizing on – I put in the page I did the calculations on. (I’ll have to write about that someday – I have an Excel spreadsheet that does all the work for me based on gauge – based on the percentage system – works great). Now I’ve got a full 8x11 picture of my wish list Dale sweater in it – motivation to save the money!!

I really need to stay organized. I have a magazine rack next to my knitting chair that holds these binders and a few other things. Trouble is I am always pulling out other books or supplies – so my space gets overwhelmed at times. I need to find a small bookshelf to put there instead of the rack – then I could have most of my books and a basket of yarn. I actually have a basket under the end table that houses all my paraphernalia.

One of my favorite and best knitting organizers is my pencil box – I got it in the school supply section and it is double sided. It holds all my DPNS, markers, cable needles, crochet hooks, the works. It has divided compartments on one side and a full size compartment on the other. It’s small enough that if I’m traveling I can put the whole thing in my knitting bag.

Oh my knitting bag! – it is my favorite! Daughter M2 brought it back for me from Jackson Hole last summer. I’d been lusting after it for a long time. It is a Pendleton bag – made here in Oregon. (I've tried to upload a picture - but you know Blogger - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - so you'll have to wait. ) Pendelton Blankets are real collectors items - so this is really special since I can't collect blankets - more on that subject at another time - I do have a wonderful Trade Blanket that belonged to my Great Grandmother.......another time for that!


Julia said...

Thanks for showing me your binders, and for sharing your other organizational methods! It's always a struggle for me to keep things where I can find them, so I appreciate the tips!

Pat K said...

I have a notebook, too, with everything I've printed off, etc, in document protectors. When I need one, I just pull it out, of course. I keep all my blogging notes in there as well. If something ever happened to it, I'd be dead in the water.

Rhonda said...

Hey that's funny, I just got thru writing my blog about getting another bookcase ... haven't put it up yet because of Blogger not posting my pictures. So just waiting until it's working about. I got one bookcase organized with binders like yours. Great minds think alike! :)