Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lets Get Organized!!!

In my last post I talked about my organization attempts and what I use – notebooks, baskets, new bookshelf etc. I’ve gotten a few comments from others about what they do…

Plus there has been lots of info going back and forth about ‘Stash Busting” ….

So Let’s Get Organized!

Pass on your comments to me and the first week of April I’ll put them all together in a post – I’ll try to only put unique ideas – no repeats in other words. We should have quite a collection of great ideas!!

Where do you keep your stash?
What do you keep by your knitting spot?
How do you keep all your needles and notions organized so you can find them?
What about all your patterns and printed materials?
Magazines? Books? Sanity?
What do you do with all the end of project balls of yarn?
Do you keep a written journal of Finished Objects – other than your blog?
You get the idea.

Tell you what – many of you have seen my beaded row counters for circular or DPN projects – I’ll draw a name out of the respondents and make a row counter just for you!

Deadline will be April 1st (No April Foolin!)
Knit on!


Rhonda said...

Hey, does a total chaotic storage plan count? No? I didn't think so.

LOL, thanks for the incentive to stick to my cleanup plan this weekend!

Julia said...

The best organization practice I follow is to religiously keep an Excel spreadsheet list of my yarn. I organize it by color, and list the yardage per skein, how many skeins, total yardage, suggested gauge, fiber content, and notes for pattern ideas. This has really saved me a ton of time digging through the stash when I find a pattern I like. I can just look at the spreadsheet and see if I have a yarn that will work.

margene said...

My stash is in 4 bins in the closet. Each one hold different types of yarn.
My knitting room (yes, I am lucky) has everything I need within arms reach.
There is a large cloth bucket with all my needle holders tucked inside. All the needles are organized by size in roll up sleeves. The needed notions are in the basket I use to carry my knitting from room to room or to KIP. All patterns and magazines are organized on book shelves, in binders and magazine racks.
All the odd ball ends are in their own bin in the stash closet. Someday they will tell me what to do with them;-)
I do keep track of what I'm knitting and when it was finished but my blog is the main journal of my knitting.

Jenn said...

OK - I keep my stash in large rubbermaid containers and two wicker hampers (they're lined so they don't snag!). The yarn is organized by "type" (ie: acrylic, cotton ease, etc) and by what it is intended for if it's wool - sweaters, socks, accessories.
By my knitting spot I keep a plastic container for WIPs, a folding "knitting tote" for what I want to knit next, my Suki bag full of extra balls of yarn for current WIPs, a bag of acrylic for charity knitting, an orange bowl full of spare DPNs, needle gauge, tape measure, pen, and my two containers of notions.
I keep my large straight needles in a wine bottle "case" (one of those gift things), my circulars in a circ holder (hanging with pockets) and my DPNS in a roll up holder. I keep my stitch markers in small zippy bags and plastic boxes, and then inside two containers - one large "stay at home" and a small travel bag for my purse.
Patterns are in a binder and are sorted by type - baby knits, sweaters, socks, scarves/shawls, and misc.
Mags and books are on top of two bookcases in the living room - divided into patterns and reference. I can't find my sanity yet.
I have a few ziploc bags full of left overs - I have a secret plan for them though.
I do keep a written journal besides my blog, though I am horrible at updating it, and often have to use the blog to do so!
I'm an organization freak myself too - love office supplies and the container store! Someone stop me!