Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Clematis Socks

Abigail asked about the socks in my last post. The pattern is from the Sole Solution 2003/2004 Design Collection - which I can't find on the net anymore for the life of me....but the pattern is "Clematis" - I really enjoyed it - simple 4 row repeat. Easy to memorize.

The yarn is from Pat Fly at Angora Valley Fibers - I LOVE her yarn!!! It is a dream to knit with and wears really well. I did a scarf in her Hott colorway - and love it. This link goes to her page with a picture of my scarf.

I'm hoping that Pat will be at The Blacksheep Gathering next month. I'm hoping I can still get away to go - I need a break!!

The garden is trying to grow - but my lemon cucs and the squash that wasn't in the 'walls of water' look a little stressed - hopefully they will come back. I got the tomatoes today - so they will go in over the weekend.

Molly and I are doing the Breast Cancer walk on Sunday - went out for a practice stroll last night - wish I'd started earlier!! Oh well - there will be lots of other old ladies. I'm going to try to take my "Trekking socks" so I can post a picture - but will be embarassing my daughter in the process! Oh well! An interesting note - ALL the female employees of REI are participating in the walk - only men are working on Sunday - will they survive? Walk on!

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Rhonda said...

Good luck on the walk! Might be tough going if you're out of practice, but you'll have a lot of fun. I use to do the American Lung's Walk in New Hampshire every Fall up at the Old Man in the Mountain [before he fell], and fortunately they had drivers going along back & forth on the route in case someone couldn't make it. Into my 3rd year for the walk, my knee screemed "NOoo I WON't gO anY FuRthEr!" Blew up like a balloon. But you'll do fine ... really! I might do it now if I could knit along the way, LOL.