Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cold Cold and more cold

Last Friday morning - Minus 12 degrees - full sun and beautiful

Friday afternoon - going over the pass - icy and challenging
Today - coming home. Mt. Washington. Beautiful drive

Spent the weekend with daughter in Eugene - gosh it was cold there too - usually the Willamette Valley is a banana belt - not now - there is snow on the ground and it is coooold! Here at home on the east side of the Cascades my thermometer in the shade now says minus 5!!! It can't be that cold, but that's what is says. Edited: If I'd learn to tell the difference between C and F it would be better - try 20 degrees - it's cold but not that cold.

I hear the midwest is really suffering - Ann - am thinking about you! Power? Trees? Have been through lots of freezing rain like that growing up in Portland - I remember listening to the trees cracking under the weight of the ice - scary!

Did a little yarn browsing while in Eugene - visited a new shop - but didn't purchase anything - do I get a gold star? Didn't even knit while there. Had a great visit and did lots of other shopping. I so enjoy spending time with my kids!

Middle daughter had some wonderful news while I was gone - she got her financial award offer from Linfield - extremely generous - she can go and not have to have a full-time job and borrow money too.....I am so proud of her - most of the award is based on academic achievement - which she so deserves. I am a lucky mom to have three successful and productive kids....I have to pinch myself sometimes. I am doin the happy dance!


Anonymous said...

That road looks really scary to drive on in icy conditions. Yeeck! We're expecting a little cold weather here next week so I have the flannel sheets on the bed. BUT, it's not going to be THAT cold! [hopefully]

BTW, Congrats to your daughter for getting a financial award toward college. It'll give her a break while she continues to get super grades and on to a great education. Yippy!

Ann said...

Thanks for the the good thoughts! They must have worked as we had nothing. Bupkis. Nada. (who knows if I've spelled all those right.) I'm sitting on 39 degrees right now. Whew. See? When you're prepared, nothing happens.

Roxie said...

Happy dance! Happy dance! Yaaayyyyy! Hooray for scholarships!! You are a good mom to have raised such nice young adults.

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

It might be cold out there but it sure does make for a pretty pictures!

Congrats for you smart daughter:D

Pat K said...

I love that first picture. Looks like a great place to run away and spend the weekend at...especially when avoiding muggles at the office. I wouldn't even mind the snow.