Sunday, January 28, 2007

Did I paint? Nope - paint was rock hard and the paint store wasn't open today...stupid to not check the supply first.

But - I did cook - this great receipe for Lasagna from Sunset Magazine. It was a long time stirring - but really good. I think I'd add a quarter more ingrediants to the Ragu sauce - but it was really good for a cold day!.

Knitting? Well yes - I'm back to my STR socks..wish the colors came out better in this photo because they are really cool - I can't remember but I think they are Highland....

Pumpkin had a rough day too - sun seeking.

I actually worked today too - I'm scanning pictures to make a design book to present to the land owners of a new development. These are ideas for what the Clubhouse will look like - pictures come from here (all three) and here. My boss is designing it - but will have furnishing like these in the books. Really great for this area. It's fun looking at all the great places. Here I am copying pictures from Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone - and I get a call from my buddy in Montana - asking about if she can knit mittens from the sock yarn I gave her for Christmas - and guess where she I am so jealous. It is such a spectacular building...and the location isn't bad either - what fun.


Roxie said...

Oh, Julie, those socks DO rock! Sooo pretty! And what a lovely vacation trip you sent me on. Thank you!

Has the fog cleared yet? It's so claustrophobic being fogbound on the desert.

Give Pumpkin and extra scratch behind the ears for me, OK?

Rhonda said...

Ah, it'll be so nice to have socks that rock.

And WOW, to that common room in that building ... what a room. She's right in that very place, huh? What a coincidence!!

Willow said...

Wow, those socks are amazing!

Loved your photos of the Deschutes River earlier this month. I have a friend who owns a cabin south of Sun River and we can walk to the Deschutes from her place. Loved it, it was so beautiful...if only Sun River wasn't so far from the ocean...